Installing the Device Meter

User name & Activation code for your devices are both case sensitive. You can find these on your "My Devices" page.

Login Portal:

Please make sure you’ve completed the “Metering App Registration” survey on the “My Surveys” page before following the steps below.

Android Phone / Tablet:

  • Login to your sandbox. account and go to "My Devices" page with your Android device.
  • Click corresponding link for Phone or Tablet.
  • Once installed on to your Home screen, open the device meter app and enter the login credentials as reflected on "My Devices" page (email & password are case sensitive).
  • Follow the onscreen instructions and type lower case "v" to Extract Certificate (if applicable).
  • Click OK until you're in the meter app and you see a green / Active status.

iPhone / iPad:

  • Login to your sandbox. account and go to the "My Devices" page with your iOS device.
  • Click & hold down the corresponding link and "Open in new tab" for iPhone or iPad.
  • Once the app is downloaded, go to: Settings > General > Device Management and click "Trust VCS Holdings OY"
  • Once trusted, Open the device meter app.
  • Tap allow and click OK where applicable and "Install" the Profile.
  • Follow the onscreen instructions until you see a Green "Active" circle in the app.

Windows PC:

  • Login to your sandbox. account and go to the "My Devices" page with your Windows PC and click corresponding link for PC.
  • Run the program from downloaded file and follow on screen instructions.
  • Once complete go to the bottom right of your PC Screen (usually time / date is reflected there). You should be able to view which applications are running and see the Meter icon.
  • Click on the meter icon. If you do not have a green circle status let us know.


Should you have any questions or need further help please contact us at:

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